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Tools publishers use to increase ad revenue
Roxot allows publishers to act on the programmatic auction data

Dynamic price floors for Google Ad Manager (Unified Pricing Rules) to protect your inventory value in the first-price auction.

Protects against Bid Shading
Roxot Revenue Lift doesn't allow buy-side bid shading algorithms to lower your CPMs over time.
Controls CPM/Fill Rate ratio
Unified Pricing Rules in GAM apply to all indirect demand. Roxot automatically makes sure you don't drop the Fill Rate and Revenue.
Uses market-wide data
Roxot Revenue Lift uses data from other websites to price your audiences. Market-wide data protects you from buyers shifting budgets to other domains in the long term.
"Roxot Revenue Lift is a lifesaver for us! Roxot's automated pricing pushes AdX to its limits and I can be sure that we're as efficient as possible. Now we're much closer to reaching our ambitious revenue goals!"
— Kapitanova Anastasia, Head of Programmatic & Data at Independent Media
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Roxot Prebid Analytics takes tedious reporting & analytics tasks off your team’s plate so you have more time to work on direct improvements of your ad stack.

Save hours a day on aggregating data from SSPs
You don't have to waste time on merging stats from SSPs. Roxot Prebid Analytics provides you with unified statistics that are easy to compare and understand in a single UI.
Use automatic suggestions for increasing revenue
Roxot Prebid Analytics constantly analyzes your Prebid data and suggests how you can earn more revenue.
Compare your performance with other publishers
Roxot Prebid Analytics allows you to compare SSPs' performance on your properties with their average performance on the market. So you can find flaws in your setup and understand where your demand partners are underperforming.

Demand agnostic Header-Bidding-As-a-Service solution. It allows you to set up, update, analyze, test, and optimize your header bidding without editing the code or waiting for site releases.

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